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Looking for a way to lead your organization to thrive at higher levels?

Sokoll Resources is ready to help you achieve your goal.


Drawing upon lived experiences, along with a proven model of planning and execution, we are ready to partner with you in moving your organization closer towards its vision and achieving higher levels of success, long into the future.




We are passionate about measuring culture! Such measurement makes the seemingly intangible, tangible! It sets a foundation upon which leaders and teams can identify actionable steps that result in higher levels of thriving within departments and across the whole organization.



Higher levels of team health and performance are possible. Based on proven methods, organizational science, and 25+ years of practical experience, we love helping teams find fit and build alignment between each other and the work at hand.



If few are following you from the heart, your influence is likely based on position, resulting in lost opportunities. How are you leading? We are ready to walk with you in your self-development and influence. Increased levels of positive leadership result in heightened levels of individual, team, and organizational health and achievement.


We Focus on Organizational Development

We use proven methodologies to help teams create purpose, clarity, collaborative environments, healthy culture, strategic alignment, and mechanisms for goal achievement.


Effective Strategy

Thriving Culture

High-Performing Teams

Influential Leadership


You and Your Success

1. The proverbial strategic plan collecting dust on a shelf or lost in cyber space is no joke. The fires of daily work too often distract us from strategic advances. We are committed to helping you bring strategy to life, embed it in the organization's DNA, and create mechanisms to ensure execution.

2. A toxic culture will torpedo the best strategies, and often sinks the ship. Healthy organizations and teams are much more sustainable, efficient, and productive. We love coaching leaders in the art of combining organizational culture development in tangent with strategic planning and execution.

3. In today's fast moving work environments, the importance of teams is more evident than ever. ​ For organizations to achieve their goals and deliver on their promise to customers and stakeholders, the potential of every individual needs to be tapped into and released. Each team member's ideas and talents are essential for innovative advances. We have a proven method that releases the potential within individuals and teams - It works across all types of working environments and industries.