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Shane Sokoll, PhD, MBA
Consultant and Coach

Shane Sokoll is a creative, practical leader and consultant with extensive experience in developing individuals, teams, and organizations to maximize their performance potential. He’s known as “Someone who is passionate, innovative, and makes things happen.”

Areas of expertise: 1) Strategic Planning, 2) Culture Development, 3) Team Development, and 4) Leadership Development. Shane is an experienced presenter and meeting facilitator. He has a unique ability to thrive in multi-cultural and international work environments. 

An avid life-long learner, Shane’s curiosity and drive for discovery have opened the door for him to serve in positions such as operations director, professor,  Citizen Ambassador to Spain, Spanish and English interpreter, organizational development consultant, executive,  internal and external consultant, and leadership coach. Before leading Sokoll Resources, he served for 7 years as a Senior VP and Chief Strategy Officer with responsibilities for strategic planning/execution, organizational culture, and organizational development. 

At Sokoll Resources, Shane has provided consultation and coaching to leaders and teams from a diverse range of organizations, including a vehicle manufacturer, a door manufacturer, a dental products manufacturer, two state universities, a private liberal-arts university, two community colleges, K-12 public independent school districts, three nonprofits, a wellness center, four government organizations, an electric power company, two technology companies, and food/beverage companies, all of which have given him extensive experience and expertise to bring to new engagements.

Shane holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Likewise, he has certifications in the areas of strategic planning, team development, leadership, management, and organizational culture. 

Together with his wife Edna and twin teenagers, Shane resides in Austin, Texas. 

Edna (Arévalo) Sokoll, MEd
Consultant and Coach

Edna (Arévalo) Sokoll is a bicultural coach and leader with deep appreciation for internationals and people from diverse backgrounds. She is an engineer who is passionate about learning, innovation, and excellence. She’s the founder and board chair for a non-profit organization, which is dedicated to K-12 learners. In the past, Edna has led organizations in the academic and business world. She is a person who loves life and family and cultivates friendships from all around the globe.

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